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We make your customers happy

Having a genuine interest in your client and their business is a key differentiator to allow you to stand out from your competitors. “Call centers” or “contact centers” are a thing of the past- the way forward is focusing on creating Engagement Centers. The goal must be to create a strong partnership with your clients and quality interactions with their customers.

Our brand representatives are passionate about your customers and your brand. We work with innovative technologies that leverage relevant customer data to maximize impact. This enables our brand representatives to answer your customers questions effectively and efficiently.

Keeping a close eye on technical and human developments in imperative to staying ahead of the competition. We believe that optimizing both technology.

Customer care

  • Outsource your customer service (full or partial)

  • 24/7 ability for your customers

  • Strategic, tactical and operational advice

  • We help you transform your contact center into customer engagement center

Our solutions

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Technical support

  • Your customers can ask us anything about software, hardware and/or remote services

  • We have a deep technical affinity and are customer and service-oriented

  • Years of experience with 1st and 2nd line helpdesk

  • We are solution-oriented and continuously improving our processes. You can count on us

Our solutions

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  • Multilingual experts with native speakers to drive ultimate customer engagement.

  • Centralized control and real-time insights on performance

  • ‘Think Global, Act Global’ approach

  • We understand your culture is your brand value

Our solutions

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Be Customer- Centric


Everything we do, we do with a focus on Human Engagement. We treat our customers how they want to be treated.


We build on transparant and long-term relationships with customer contact optimization in the center.


We trust and believe our employees and give them space and responsibility to achieve the best service for your customers.


We combine leading technology with human need to service your customers the best we can.

Your customer first

Our goal is to help you to increase engagement and create customer relationships that have them coming back to you.

CallCenterWorld Berlin

  • "“Feeling appreciated and the focus on talent development are what make me proud to be part of the VANAD Group, even after 7 years.""

    - Steffi Brodkorb

  • "“VANAD is more than a company. From the first moment there was a click- it felt like a family! It’s a very welcoming environment!”"

    - Nathanaël Nettenbreijer

  • "“Every employee is valued in the project. Your input is appreciated and will be used.”"

    - Jovana Brouwers

  • "“VANAD is a people-company. This not only benefits me, but also allows me to really give something back to the company.""

    - Alan Beijlen

Dreamwork makes the dream work

Dreams, passion and ambition fuel the VANAD Group. These characteristics are at the forefront of the digital revolution. That’s why we believe and invest in our most important asset: Human Capital. Our Happy People are the ambassadors of our corporate motto: ‘Keep moving forward!’


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