Part of VANAD Group

VANAD Group is a fast-growing, international family business, consisting of several innovative companies that are at the forefront of information and communication technology. Over the past fifteen years (since 2005), VANAD Group has developed into an expert in the field of customer experience. Our assets are state-of-the-art technical knowledge, creative intelligence and, especially, Happy People. For us it’s not just customer service, it is our passion.

We digitise those activities where we cannot make a personal difference. We focus on people in our approach and solutions. That’s where we have the opportunity for genuine – human – impact. We deploy these people for companies entering into a longer-term partnership with VANAD. We help digitise that which can be digitised (without losing a premium service experience) through partnerships. A partnership in which we keep one another focused, are transparent and work together towards the defined goals. This offers both parties the opportunity to achieve results at the highest level without unnecessary costs.

Our vision is “Go Digital, Stay Human”. We want to be relevant to our partners. We offer them a sustainable competitive advantage with our products and services. Together with our sister company QuandaGo, the connected experience platform, we focus on customer experience in the broadest sense of the word.

Opting for VANAD Group is opting for change. For new ways of working. To do things better and faster. In the fields of outsourcing, technology, knowledge, consultancy, project and change management and business intelligence, all linked to customer experience. There may be better candidates than VANAD if you are looking for routine, if “okay” is enough, or if you are looking for a partner to follow instructions. We are not a standard customer service partner, we are a challenger who dares to question the current status quo.

Always looking for the next step; Moving Forward.

We work for various industries: Retail, e-tail, e-commerce, transport, tourism, automotive, logistics, telecom, media and financial services.

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