Where do we make a difference?

VANAD attaches great importance to sustainable and transparent relationships. By continuously going for the optimum instead of the maximum and by continuing to talk to each other about the framework of services, VANAD is able to continue to provide added value. Our quality is our guarantee, and is underpinned by our vision on customer contact and our drive to continuously search for innovation. This not only helps our customers advance now, but it is also our promise for the future.

Happy People

VANAD has experienced very strong growth in recent years. We have only been able to achieve this growth through and with our employees – after all, they are the ones who ensure quality. From the start, we have put our employees first with our “Happy People” philosophy combined with our FORWARD core values (Fun, Development, Results, Appreciation, Attention, Respect and Decisiveness), which are an important part of our organisation’s DNA, and the basis on which we recruit our employees.

Attention to personal development and giving our employees involvement and responsibility within our organisation and the projects to bring the customer experience to a higher level, ensure commitment, loyalty and a rating of 8 in our employee satisfaction surveys!

Part of VANAD Group

VANAD Group is a fast-growing, international family business, consisting of several innovative companies that are at the forefront of information and communication technology. Over the

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