Skills for life

Teams that work together inefficiently are all too common. Perfectly coordinated teams? Fortunately, there are plenty of these as well. You only have to look to the sky to find examples. The V-shape in which migratory birds fly is the epitome of cooperation. The V-shape gives each bird extra lift due to the upward airflow […]

Multilingual customer contact

European consumers are becoming increasingly international. Cross-border shopping is growing in popularity. This offers huge growth potential for online retailers when it comes to international sales. With a population of 17 million, the Netherlands quickly proves too small for many ambitious entrepreneurs. Engage has a multilingual team of customer experts working in their native languages. […]

Happy People, Happy Customers!

There’s no doubt that the future’s digital. At the same time, demand for personal contact is greater than ever, while consumer expectations are growing; An immediate response, next-day or same-day delivery, easy product exchanges or returns. Processes have to run perfectly to meet these expectations. However, where’s humanity in the rapidly changing world of technology? […]