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We are Engage, a partner in good customer contact with a focus on connection. We offer personalized and digital solutions that enhance customer contact. It is our mission to make every contact easy, personal and valuable. We do this by connecting the right people, technology, processes and data.

4 unique features

Happy people

Our employees and customers are at the heart of our organization and services. We put them first in all that we do. We believe that happy employees make happy customers. Fun, learning and development are crucial in this.

Focus on the conversation

You can learn how to have a good conversation. Happiness lies in surprise. By continuously coaching our employees on how to interact and connect with the customer, they develop skills to last a lifetime. Skills for life.

Technical support

We accelerate the digitization of customer contact and monitor the balance between efficiency and personal interaction. Easy where possible, personal where of value. Data from the customer contact offers valuable insights for the entire chain and is a useful source for marketing.


A comprehensive customer service solution

Whether people, consultancy, training, technological support or data analysis and reporting, we use the insights we gain to successfully implement concrete improvements. This way, customer contact becomes an essential part of the business strategy of our partners.

The people who make it happen


“Engage saw talent in me that I didn’t see myself and gives me the opportunity to develop it fully. I am very grateful to Engage”


“Many different colleagues means many different opinions. That makes my work interesting because my opinion counts too!”


“I have been given the opportunity to do what I like. At Engage I can also do that from home, which reduces my travel time and allows me to spend more time with my family.”

Our method

We make every customer contact easy, personal and valuable. Based on this drive, we examine every contact in your entire customer journey and thus identify excellent opportunities for optimization. That way you can also offer your customers personal, easy and valuable contact and thus a unique experience. That way you can distinguish yourself from your competitors, which is precisely what we would like to help you with!

Our culture

Engage is a family business with a ‘can do’ mentality. This is reflected in how we work. We are driven and ambitious and want to do better every day, as colleagues and together with you, as partners. We are committed to your goals and also make the bold choices needed to help you accelerate and improve. We see a constant change in the world of customer service. We want to stay ahead of the game and do everything we can to go that extra mile with our partners as well. We love the challenge and like to challenge you to (continue to) stay in the lead.

Our philosophy

At Engage we believe that everyone should be able to be the best version of themselves, including in the workplace. To be that, you have to keep developing yourself. We call this our ‘Forward philosophy’. The Engage Academy, our internal learning and development paths and our training courses for clients are the practical implementation of this philosophy.

Part of the VANAD Group

Go digital, stay human. That is what our parent company VANAD Group stands for. This collection of leading companies all provide high-quality customer value through new technological possibilities rooted in respect for human interaction.

Group of internationally oriented companies that are leaders in their field. All these companies strive to deliver outstanding customer value based on advanced technological capabilities and a deep understanding of and respect for the human condition.

This community of change professionals helps companies improve technology, processes and above all human interaction. Thus turning a vision of success into reality.

The cloud CX software company for contact centers, knowledge management and business automation. It connects customers, customer experts and companies more effectively.

A user-friendly collaboration platform that allows companies to produce annual reports efficiently and error-free in PDF, website and ESEF formats.

With its reliable data backbone, Early Friday helps companies take control of their products, services, and customer value.

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