Technical support

Customer contact will always be the work of humans. However, the proliferation of different communication channels and the digital processing of simple customer queries make the work that remains increasingly complex. Technology and data can enable efficiency in that situation. We provide the right tools to keep customer contact fast and orderly, while striking a balance between efficiency and personal interaction.  

How we do it...

Engage offers various digital tool solutions that make customer contact more efficient, clearer, and more transparent.

Business intelligence & dashboarding

By making all data from your customer contact transparent in a dashboard, you make insights manageable and are able to support operational and strategic decisions.

Omnichannel platform

From email and social media to speech and bots, with a platform that brings all communication channels together, you support a modern state-of-the-art omnichannel customer service.

Knowledge management

Make relevant information accessible to your employees and customers with an easy to design knowledge base or advanced self-service solution.

Process automation tooling

By automating the workflows of your customer service, back office or other departments, employees have time to solve complex problems and add value at relevant customer moments.

Chatbot software

Put the conversation center stage, using a smart, automated chatbot that is supported by staff where necessary.

Digital assistants

Through accurate recognition and understanding of the caller’s speech, a digital assistant takes over simple and repetitive calls and processes them in a natural way.

Survey tooling

By measuring customer and employee perceptions across all channels and combining these with other customer contact data, you gain astounding insights into all your customer interactions.

CRM integration

By linking customer data to the data of your CRM system, you add value to customer relationships and the customer experience.

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