Engage Academy

Continuous learning and development is the norm at Engage. That’s why everyone at Engage is given access to our Engage Academy. Here you can develop and grow. This may be in the field, such as organizing and managing personal and digital customer contact. But we give you skills for life as well, such as conversational skills. These can be employed anywhere, throughout your life. The Academy is the basis for the success of our people and helps them be the best version of themselves.

Our philosophy

At Engage, we believe that everyone can be the best version of themselves, including in the workplace. In order to be that, you have to keep developing yourself. We call this our ‘development philosophy’. The Engage Academy and our training courses for partners are the practical implementations of this philosophy.

Our learning paths

At the heart of our organization and services are our employees and customers. We put them at the heart of everything we do. We believe that happy employees make happy customers. Fun, learning and development are crucial in this.

Our training offer

Happiness is in the surprise. By continuously coaching our employees on surprising interactions and giving the customer a smile, they develop skills that they enjoy for life. Skills for life.

Training offer for external parties

We are keen to share the training courses of the Engage Academy, which is why we also offer training courses to external companies and their employees. This is always a customised process: we look at what your organisation needs, what makes your employees happy and which competencies can be developed. With practical training and clear tools, your employees can then get to work.

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