Personal customer contact

Are you looking for the right people for your customer contact? Engage is all about personal and valuable customer contact. We can deploy our customer experts for you in various ways.


We support you in all aspects of customer service from our campus in Capelle aan den Ijssel and, of course, work in close cooperation with you. This way you can focus on your core business.

Work from home

Customer experts working from home give you extra flexibility and capacity when you need it. Productivity and quality remain high through daily management.

Managed insourcing

Our customer experts work at your office. This way you acquire knowledge, retain control and can collaborate closely, easily, and quickly.

Accelerator model

You leave a part of the customer contact to Engage and thus create a field lab. We subsequently deploy our Conversational Intelligence method to analyze all your customer interactions. Based on the results of this, we identify concrete improvements for the entire chain.

Near- and offshoring

Is your organization focused on cost, do you want to temporarily process the contacts you are going to digitize in a cheaper way or do you want to offer 24/7 personal customer contact? Then you may want to consider having simple activities handled abroad.

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We do so for customers like you

These people are at your service


“I never thought I could develop myself this way.”


“Customer service brought out the best in me. I enjoy helping people and this job allows me to do that. I want everyone to know that.”


“I want to let you know that you are great. You should not be afraid to try new things. You can ALWAYS do more than you think.”

Do you want to know how to make customer contact more valuable?

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