Customer contact as valuable insight

Many organizations see their customer service as something costly. It doesn’t have to be. By turning all the data from your customer interactions into insights and improvements, you will discover where you need to deploy your employees to make a real difference for your customers. Your customer service then goes beyond guaranteeing customer satisfaction. And becomes a means to achieve organizational goals faster.

Digital and personal at the same time

Using data from your customer interactions, we investigate which customer contact actually adds value, identify opportunities to increase customer satisfaction and discover your customers’ pain points. We subsequently translate these insights into improvements, so that customer contact becomes a valuable tool for achieving organizational objectives as well.

Digitizing with your customers in mind

Your target audience is spending more and more time online. So it is only logical that your customer contact should increasingly take place digitally. We are convinced that if you want to improve the customer experience, you must have the courage to digitize. Engage helps you find the right balance between personal and digital contact. This enables you to maintain real conversations with customers.

This is how we achieve success for you

Customers use multiple channels
0 %
Avoid conversations
0 %
Speech recognition by voice assistants
0 %
Handled by chatbot in 1st year
0 %

“Only by working well together, can digitisation be made a success. Engage really thinks along with us and is closely involved with Blokker. This allows us to make changes effectively We feel genuinely engaged.”

Richard Padt

Manager Klantenservice at Blokker

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