Conversational Intelligence

With Conversational Intelligence, we analyse customer interaction across all channels. This way, Engage offers 100% insight into the value of all your customer contacts. We use these insights to accelerate digital transformation, improve your customer service and achieve your strategic goals

What is your customer worth?

Your customer contact is a source of valuable insights. You will however need to be able to see these insights. We achieve this by linking the data from all interactions with your customer, customer journeys and customer processes. We use the insights from this to achieve your strategic objectives

This is how we do it ...

Effective contact

We examine all your customer contacts and identify opportunities to work more effectively. For example, some customer questions can be easily answered digitally or even prevented by improving processes. This saves your customer service staff time that can be used for personal contact that adds genuine value.

Performance optimization

We link the customer contact content to data and operational management information such as handling times and customer satisfaction (NPS, CSAT). This way, you can conduct a concrete analysis and give feedback to your employees based on 100% insight, which ensures a faster and more steep learning curve and higher quality.

We offer you even more

Personal customer contact
Technical support

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“Engage saw talent in me that I didn’t see myself and gives me the opportunity to develop it fully. I am very grateful to Engage”


“Many different colleagues means many different opinions. That makes my work interesting, because my opinion counts too!”


“I have been given the opportunity to do what I love. At Engage I can work from home, which reduces my travel time and allows me to spend more time with my family.”

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