To achieve excellence in customer contact, our colleagues receive all the training and guidance they need. In terms of expertise, but also in terms of working based on connection, having the right conversation and (personal) leadership. We would like to share this background to anyone who wants to improve their customer contact, which is why our training programmes are also available to people and organizations outside Engage. And that includes you!

Conversational skills

Having the right conversation by truly connecting with others, is what we are good at and what we are getting even better at with our training. Our conversational skills programs are also available to external partners and address all roles within the customer contact environment.

For example, customer experts learn how to connect with the customers they help, traffic managers learn how to optimize their cooperation with colleagues, and managers develop their skills to hold conversations with all kinds of stakeholders on the basis of connection.

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Professional development

Professional knowledge and expertise form the basis of various roles within a customer contact environment. The Engage Academy is ready to train the experts in your organization as well. We have training programs for team leaders, operations managers, traffic managers and of course for customer experts.

Are the employees in your organization ready to take the next step in their professional development? Or are you eager to immerse yourself even more in your profession?

Personal leadership & management

You don’t become a good manager overnight. Your focus is on realizing your own ambitions and those of others, in order to prepare for the future together.

Our leadership programs focus on personal leadership and managing teams within a customer contact environment. We will gladly look at your specific situation and objectives.

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Back to work with the AanZet program

We believe it is important for everyone to have their place in society. We are therefore keen to pay attention to the connection with and between our employees.

We also like giving people at a distance from the labour market a nudge in the direction of work. With our AanZet programs, we train these people to become customer experts, including KSF certificates, thereby preparing them for a new future in customer contact.

We do so in close collaboration with municipalities and social institutions, which register the participants and support us throughout the entire process.


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Experts have their say


“By seeing my role in the light of the whole team, I can identify the contribution I can make. And with the encouragement of my colleagues, I will give it my all!”


“Engage saw my ambitions take shape and change before I was even able to articulate them myself! Everything is change, and Engage changes along with you.”


“Attention is being given to my profession and how I can grow in it. The fact that at least as much attention is paid to me as a person makes me feel even better able to realise that growth.”

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