Make customer contact personal!

Customers’ motives for contacting companies have remained unchanged for decades, while customer standards are constantly changing. At Engage, we continuously check whether set objectives continue to match customer expectations. A great experience for all really excites us, which is why we make every contact easy, personal, and valuable for our customer experts, our partners, and their customers.

Contact channels are constantly expanding, and these new possibilities are leading to changes in the way existing channels are used. Thanks to the digitization of simple questions via FAQs, chatbots and ‘my’ environments, more customer contacts are conducted via self-service. Customers unable to find answers to their questions online can turn to numerous contact channels. Customers can choose their preferred channel in terms of aspects such as product, time, or urgency. One thing is certain: customers hate waiting.

Loyalty has to be earned

We previously wrote about the focus on customer experience, and how it’s essential for an organization’s success. The accessibility of contact centers in the Netherlands is improving all the time, but what happens afterward is more stressful: is the contact smooth enough, to the customer’s liking, is the problem solved promptly? To ensure customers are helped with their questions as quickly and thoroughly as possible, our customer experts are familiar with all the ins and outs of the product or service. Extensive training courses at our Engage Academy enable them to know exactly what effect their behaviour has on customer experience, and to help customers right away.

Full overview for customers and customer experts

Of course, not everything can be solved immediately with single customer contact. What is possible, however, is transparency. Transparency and insight, for customer experts and customers alike, requires an integrated view of interactions and customer data across channels. It’s important this information is easily available at all times. Full insight into customer data, customer status, issue, the reason for the contact, and potential solutions are essential, as it allows customer experts to provide the appropriate solution for the customer’s needs.

It goes without saying that you want to help your customers in the best possible way. Customer experts are your organization’s calling card, and help your customers by phone, chat, e-mail, or social media. You can contact Engage for any issue related to customer service, in multiple languages, and wherever and whenever you want. We firmly believe that today’s technological developments are fantastic for supporting an optimal customer contact experience, but that personal touch really makes a difference.

Are you interested in how you can make your customer service even easier, more personal, and valuable? Or do you need help with designing or redesigning your customer service? Please contact Inke Lunenberg by calling +31 (0)6 46290217 or e-mailing

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