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Engage is committed to helping people with a distance to the labour market. We have been doing so since 2018 with our AanZet program. Together with various partners, we offer job seekers an inspiring learning program leading to a certificate, in order to prepare them for their first customer service job.

Participants embark on this journey together with their employment mediator or job coach. The process is fully tailored to them, full of calm, respect and affection for the participants. They learn what it is like to work (again) and develop knowledge and skills to get started as a customer expert.


The name says all: the Dutch word aanzet means incentive. Engage gives jobseekers a first incentive, and after that it is up to them. Jobseekers with a distance to the labour market often have a lot of baggage and have been stuck at home for a long time. We offer them the opportunity, stability and structure to grow again. Will they grab this opportunity with both hands? If so, we will work together on personal and professional growth, resulting in bright future prospects.

Future prospects

For many participants, the AanZet program entails hard work. But this work is not in vain. Participants are trained according to the guidelines of the Customer Service Federation and receive the KSF branch certificate after passing the training. After a successful job interview, they can then work at Engage or at another customer service organization.

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Does your organization support people with a distance to the labour market and might our AanZet approach offer an additional opportunity for your candidates? Then let’s talk further to discuss a possible collaboration!

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If you find yourself at a distance from the labour market, you can discuss the AanZet programme with your employment mediator, job coach or local municipality. If they see a good match, they can contact Engage.

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