T-Mobile's mission: to become top of class

The challenge

T-Mobile is one of the largest telecom providers in the Netherlands. It challenges the market and pushes boundaries. It focuses on a multitude of customer needs, so that each and every person in the Netherlands can turn to it for mobile and fixed telephony, mobile Internet, business solutions, television and broadband Internet. Customer service therefore covers everything and is result-oriented; accessibility is very important and the quality of the service must also be good. The results were mainly monitored in the short term. As a result, management was done on a day-to-day basis and long-term plans were lacking.

the solution

The challenge was to develop long-term plans to improve accessibility and quality in order to achieve better results. It is therefore important to start working internally on providing insight into targets, for instance. Where do we stand now, where do we want to go, and how can we get everyone involved? For the customer experts, this meant raising awareness; having numerous conversations both in teams and one-on-one; asking plenty of questions, coaching and listening; what does it all mean for the customer experts? Hold the customer experts responsible for their own decisions and actions. And above all identify every success, however minor.

” The collaboration with T-Mobile truly feels like a partnership. We are in constant contact with one another. Customer satisfaction demands complete focus from both sides, which in our experience leads to decisiveness.”


Operational Manager at Engage

Succes factors

This keeps the customer experts happy because they now have their sights set on the targets and know what the KPIs are. They know what is expected of them, including what their own responsibilities are, which makes them much more proactive. For the team leaders, this meant an explosion of creativity and a drive to continuously improve. From ‘ugly duckling’ (5 parties incl. T-mobile Inhouse) to top of class. Engagement has increased at all levels.

Now it’s important to keep taking the temperature. How are we doing and why and, above all, continue looking ahead proactively. Take everyone, the team leaders in particular, to the next level and continue to look critically at one another

This in turn creates confidence and respect for the results achieved at T-Mobile.


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