Human customer interactions in a disruptive digital world

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Customer Care

Customer service is of great importance to any business, customers play an important role in influencing the public opinion. VANAD Engage provides (inbound) call center software and services to provide your customers with the best customer service and experience.

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Work From Home

VANAD Engage is specialized in working from home and offers you the flexibility and customer services you need. With our own complete contact center software in the cloud, named VANAD Aloha, we have the technology to enable our home worker employees to provide excellent customer service.

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Personal contact in customer service is more important than ever in our digital world. We are open and transparent with our clients, their customers and our employees concerning our vision, core values and aims to deliver a high standard of customer service.

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Skilled in customer service

Through all channels, in 25+ languages, we support your customer services anytime and anywhere

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